A suite of new tricks for a best-of-breed technology company.

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Sparkhound is a different kind of IT company. Started in 1998 by Shawn Usher, the firm made its mark by helping businesses use technology to solve business challenges, rather than being geeky tech guys who cared about little more than the technology itself. From day one, the company culture has been distinctly different: fun, playful, friendly, even a little quirky — but always resolutely professional. So we’ve always tried to let that personality shine through in every creative project we’ve helped them through.

TILT has been fortunate enough to play a part in the vast majority of Sparkhound’s branding and marketing efforts over the past 10 years. From their tagline and business cards to sales kits and an eight-foot-tall green dog bone for their parking lot, we’ve helped them “unleash the hound” to all internal and external audiences, growing a very successful business in the process.

A Sales Kit with Bark and Bite

When Sparkhound retooled its client engagement model and service groupings, they asked us to do the same for the highly successful sales kit we designed several years prior. Drawing on sales team input and inspired by our recent brand refresh work, we reimagined a smaller, sleeker version that retains the company’s signature wit, including, of course, the accompanying dog bowl.

A Website that Wags the Dog

A technology company without a strong web presence — arguably its most important brand asset — raises a big honking red flag. So we dug in deep with Sparkhound to create a totally custom-designed and user-focused site. And those fresh, clean icons for every service and location? Icing on the cake.

TILT seems to have perfected the way to really capture a brand’s essence, whether it’s with pictures, words or both. Their work is always top-notch, and our clients — and even competitors — often comment on the quality of our marketing and sales materials.

Shawn Usher President & CEO, Sparkhound​

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