Good question. There are hundreds — if not thousands — of firms that would jump at the chance to work with you. Here are four good reasons why clients come to us and stick with us:


We’re experienced.

Our team members have completed successful branding and marketing projects for many clients — big, small and in between — across many industries. And when it comes to the details of implementing a brand, we’re a solid resource for information and troubleshooting.

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We’re nimble.

Our small firm size has distinct benefits for you. We don’t get bogged down in bureaucracy that costs time and money. You also talk to and meet directly with the people who do your work. Our clients like this. A lot.

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We’re real.

We understand that design and branding’s purpose is to accomplish goals. And we believe in going about our business with you in a way that’s always fair, respectful and accommodating.


We’re good.

Well... that’s what they keep telling us anyway. Although results are nicer, peer recognition is nice. We’ve hauled home hundreds of awards and been featured in numerous print and online publications.

Clients also choose us because we value collaboration, communication, trust and results. And they know that they’ll get our best effort, no matter the deadline or dollars involved — because that’s how a business relationship should work.

Markets & Verticals Served

Whether it’s developing the brand for a multi-billion dollar chemical company in North Carolina or a distillery in Hawaii, TILT works with clients from coast to coast.


So, what kind of work do you need help with?