No matter where your fitness journey takes you, it likely starts in the same spot for everyone – hydration. evamor, a naturally alkaline water with a pH range of 8.8-9.1, features smooth tasting artesian spring water pulled directly from a protected and rare aquifer.

evamor approached TILT to help the brand expand their social media presence and build out a full social media content library that appealed to both the brand's audiences -- fitness and the daily drinker crowd.

The TILT Social Media Team approached the social media brand overhaul with 3 major goals in mind:

Create both aspirational fitness content as well as content in a more everyday lifestyle setting. The product is great as an exercise companion and a daily drinker, so the feeds needed to convey that.

Couple with evamor
Evamor bottle on yoga mat
woman on Evamor beach towel by pool

Leverage evamor’s roster of influencers/ambassadors in a natural way to help promote the product.

woman recording audio with evamor
woman holding evamor bottle
man at gym with evamor bottle

Keep a pulse on social media trends and create relevant and engaging content for current and new audiences to enjoy.


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