Get in. Get better. Patient Plus Urgent Care clinic

Putting a little grin in the clinic.

The urgent healthcare industry has been growing at about 6% annually, and each of the country’s nearly 8,000 clinics sees an average of more than 12,000 patients each year. If you do it right, urgent care is good place to be — and Baton Rouge-based startup Patient Plus Urgent Care had little interest in being a run-of-the-mill chain with lame marketing and zero personality.

The truth is, no one wants to end up at an urgent care, but sometimes it happens. So our initial advertising work and on-site messaging took on a conversational tone that’s perfectly in line with Patient Plus’s friendly, personal approach.

Building Bebo

When Patient Plus floated the idea of a brand mascot, we responded with a goofy, lovable spokes-puppet who shows us that everyone gets ill and injured (some more than others), but Patient Plus is always there to help (from 9-9 every day, lest you forget).

For life's little unexpected moments. Patient Plus outdoor
Your sore throat antidote. Patient Plus outdoor
We're here when nature attacks. Bees swarming on Bebo Billboard
Treat the ill behind the chill. Bebo wearing coat with frozen nose Billboard
Patient Plus Website


When our team approached the website rebuild and launch, there was one primary directive: patients first. The site would of course need to reflect the brand and personality, but it needed to also house necessary clinic information and make booking appointments or scheduling virtual visits painless. The result is a responsive online home that easily navigates being informational, while still being user-friendly.

Social Media

How do you make serious situations social? Focus on the positive outcomes and the excellent care the Patient Plus team can offer. It also doesn’t hurt to have an orange puppet on your side!

Email Marketing

Boasting a large email database spurred by the pandemic, our TILT team looked to extend the unique look and personality of the brand into patients’ inboxes. On a regular schedule, we build and deliver messaging through email that coincides with seasonality focuses. The messaging mirrors our strategy on the website and on social channels, keeping a consistent voice and tone.