The origins of Little Toad Creek might sound like something of legend — a brewery and distillery gets its start as a remote Inn and Tavern deep in the Gila National Forest of New Mexico, but it’s as real as it gets.The team’s offerings have now grown to Little Toad Creek Craft Beer, Five Ducks Distilled Spirits, and Mixed-Up, an RTD line offering both mule and margarita flavors. If that wasn’t enough, Little Toad Creek also operates multiple taproom and restaurants in Southern New Mexico.

TILT was approached to not only work as Little Toad Creek’s creative partner on both overall branding and each of their packaging lines, but to also help create an organized social strategy, management plan, and lead the way for creative content on social media channels.

Mixed Up Mule holiday spread

Little Toad Creek’s product diversity presented the TILT social team with a unique challenge. With so many different product offerings and the addition of two locations that operate with a full menu of food and drinks and an active music schedule, there needed to be a unique social media management plan that spoke to all of the different potential consumer audiences. Our team approached things with a three pronged approach:

  1. Creation of new social media accounts so that all facets of the Little Toad Creek business were well represented. This included the creation of a new high-level brand account that represented the brewed and distilled products, as well as the reorganization of some of the location specific accounts.
  2. Develop a flexible internal communication plan so that all parties involved, including brewery directors, tap room managers, and bartenders, had a voice about the social media plan and could participate in the planning of content.
  3. Develop engaging social media content for all target audiences. These social media pieces range from beautiful studio can photography, images of the products being used with the backdrop of both Silver City and Las Cruces, as well as information content featuring music schedules and menu updates.
Lucky Toad Lager can floating
Mixed Up Mule poured into mug
Mixed Up Mule gift wrapped
Mixed-up Mule in sand
Mixed Up Mule on ground

Social media content creation

In addition to ongoing social media strategy and management, the TILT Social Media Team also supports Little Toad Creek from a creative perspective. Even though the brewery and the TILT office are separated by over 1,100 miles, our content team makes regular trips to the area to assist in building their content library. While on location, TILT captures photography, video, stories, and ideas for content that we then utilize to supplement the content on the Little Toad Creek social and digital pages.

Five Ducks Agave Resposado with barrels

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