Going small-batch on the big island

“Hapa” is Hawaiian for “part” or “half,” but when Island Distillers reached out 4,133 miles from Honolulu to TILT headquarters, we knew we had to deliver the full experience. Our task was to rebrand Island’s existing lineup under the new HAPA banner, a small-batch brand distilled using local ingredients and distributed locally, as well. Our design work spanned a variety of SKUs — from the world’s first Hawaiian blended rum to a distinctive group of flavored vodkas — all tied together with hand-drawn illustration and fresh takes on regionally familiar typography and color.

Hapa logo and illustrations
Hapa bottle banana
Hapa bottle coconut
Hapa bottle vodka
Hapa bottle dark rum
Hapa spice illustration
Hapa banana illustration
Hapa barrel illustration
Hapa coconut illustration

I would like to write a haiku about TILT’s exceptionality, but I haven’t the time.

Dave Flintstone

Owner, Island Distillers


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