There may be nothing more iconic in the New Orleans food scene than Camellia’s red kidney bean. Red beans and rice is synonymous with the Big Easy and boasts its own unofficial holiday — Mondays! Beyond just kidney beans, Camellia sells more than a dozen varieties of dry beans, peas and lentils, and when the brand decided to add dinner and seasoning mixes to their offerings, they called TILT.

Camellia boxes on green background

Package design

Our team was tasked with creating a new line of packaging that would stay loyal to brand's classic look while standing out among competitors on the grocery shelves. The result is a clean, dynamic look boasting the Camellia logo and flower that consumers expect to see. Mixed in with that bit of tradition are color pops and unique product identifiers to help each of the five boxes stand on its own.

Social media content

Once the packaging hit shelves, the TILT social media team stepped in to create engaging content to help spread the word. Instead of focusing on standard food photography, our team looked to create bright and vibrant content that aimed to engage our target audience as they scrolled their feeds.

Camellia box with ingredients on purple
Camellia Red and White bean boxes with ingredients
Potato salad or rice only?
Andouille or Smoked?

Curbside Burgers