Celebrating rum and its rebirth

Upstart brand Bayou Rum has been a true Louisiana success story and a major player in the current craft rum-making revival. Our state’s ties to sugarcane and the rum trade go back centuries, so with New Orleans’s 300th anniversary on the horizon, the brand decided to create a high-end, limited-edition blend to honor the Crescent City. With one of TILT’s creative directors having been involved in the creation of the original Bayou Rum, we were more than ready to dive into the challenge of properly packaging this incredible spirit.

Bayou Rum 300
Bayou Rum 300 Illustration

What you see and what you get

We gave life to the Bayou 300 package by focusing on two important aspects of the consumer experience. Our labeling and distinctive closure work together to create a richly layered design that’s directly inspired by the city’s history and culture. To accompany the beautiful bottle and its luxurious contents, we researched, wrote and designed Rum and the Rise of New Orleans, a fact-filled little booklet that traces New Orleans’s history through the lens of our nation’s original spirit.

Bayou Rum 300 Booklet
Hapa bottle banana
Hapa bottle coconut

Things Unsettled