Are You Getting Return On Your Content Creation Investment?

Here are 3 social media content creation trends that your brand should be implementing.

It’s cliche to even talk about how quickly the social media landscape changes these days, but the evolution of online habits over the past few years has resulted in even faster than normal changes. Fueled by the pandemic and consumers’ appetite for video content (thanks TikTok!), the standard for social media content creation has changed and your brand needs to adjust with it.

Here are 3 social media content creation trends that your brand should be implementing:

1) Utilize The Right Type of Video

Commercial quality production? Horizontal orientation? Monotonous dialogue? Those are all done when it comes to social media. Your video content should be quick, easily digestible, and there should be lots of it. Start with Reels and TikTok and work backwards from there, not the other way around.

2) Create Content Where Your Brand Lives

If your product or service has a sense of place, you need to create content where your brand exists in everyday life. Does your brand have a strong connection to a city or neighborhood? You can’t create content exclusively in a studio in a different timezone. Your audience will sniff it out before you can say engagement rate analytics.

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3) Think Beyond Just A Photo

Lifestyle and editorial photography has its place and should definitely be a part of your content mix, but what else are you filling your content buckets with? Your social channels are an ideal place to experiment and dive deeper into what your brand can be. We push our clients to explore how they can tell their story beyond just a photo.

Do you think your social media content could use a jolt of creativity? Our social and creative teams are here to help. Contact us today and be sure to view more of our work.