TILT Buys Historic Spanish Moon Building, Plans For New Headquarters

What is more TILT than renovating a haunted 100-year-old former music venue?

TILT is proud to announce the recent purchase of the historic Spanish Moon building in Downtown Baton Rouge. After 17 years of operation and outgrowing our current space, the building will serve as our firm’s headquarters after extensive renovations.

The building, which has stood unoccupied in recent years, is best known as the Spanish Moon music venue, which started operations under the name in 1997. The building itself dates back at least 100 years, if not more, and is rumored to have been built originally as a firehouse, possibly served the community during the 1927 Mississippi Great Flood, and very likely has seen more than its fair share of good times through the 60s, 70s, and 80s.

So, what’s next for the space?
The building definitely needs some love and elbow grease, so our team will be hard at work to bring it back to life. We’re planning a top-to-bottom renovation, but we also intend on keeping all the character and charm that a building with so much history has to offer. Once complete, we hope we will have created a unique creative space for our team to thrive and grow to serve our clients and community as a whole.

Interested to learn more about our plans and how things come along with the renovation? Check back to our website for updates, but be sure to follow TILT on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok for a first-hand look of the renovation process.


“You all know the building is haunted, right?”

Yes – we pride ourselves on offering an inclusive workspace where all spirits can come together, be creative, and feel at home.

“Will you offer karaoke nights like I used to go to in college at the Spanish Moon?”

We have a lot of talents, but singing probably isn’t one of them.

“Are you keeping the bars?”

The bar on the first floor was already removed before the purchase, but we are planning on keeping the 2nd floor bar… but was that ever in doubt!?

Spanish Moon Building Before Renovation 1
Spanish Moon Building Before Renovation 1
Spanish Moon Building Before Renovation 3
Spanish Moon Building Before Renovation 3