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When you think of the world-renowned New Orleans food and beverage scene, locally brewed organic kombucha doesn’t exactly come to mind. But Big Easy Bucha is steadily making a name for itself, and when the company prepared to move beyond local distribution, TILT was tasked with improving shelf appeal for its core packaging line.

“Our business was at a crossroads,” says Alexis Korman, who co-founded Big Easy Bucha with her husband, Austin, in 2014. “We wanted to retain the brand equity we had earned, but after launching in stories like Publix, Whole Foods and Central Market, we were ready to move towards nationwide distribution, which meant much more visibility. We knew we had to step up our game.” Working with TILT, Big Easy Bucha achieved a refreshed look with greater readability while retaining its fun, fresh vibe and Caribbean color scheme.

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Shots worth taking

Big Easy Bucha is constantly tinkering, ideating and scheming about what's next. We were stoked to help launch their latest cool idea, Lil' Easy Kombucha Shots, contributing packaging design a snappy lil' launch video.

Talk about fast on the draw — TILT’s genius crew turned around our brand refresh in record time, resulting in measurable sales increases plus accolades from our industry, the media and, best of all, our beloved customers. Even though Brendan wears Birkenstocks, we totally trust their design instincts.

Alexis Korman

Co-Founder, Big Easy Bucha


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