Tales from a TILTern

As a design student, I wanted to create. TILT saw where my passions were, and let me utilize my creative skills and eagerness to learn.
Lonnie & Isa

"Work hard, play hard" has never reigned so true.

Hi! My name is Isabella, but I usually just go by Isa. I’m the resident social media/digital marketing intern here at TILT, and a senior at Louisiana State University. Ever since I can remember, I’ve been in love with designing and creating, but I didn’t know how to turn that into a career. During my junior year, I found an internship at a company that encompassed everything I wanted and more. The office was located in downtown Baton Rouge and smelled like a coffee shop and a brewery at the same time.

The moment I stepped into TILT’s office after landing the internship, I immediately knew it would be an amazing experience. Picture this: old-school arcade games everywhere, walls covered in illustrated posters, and the sound of 80's music. The team greeted me with smiles as they worked on their projects. The wide-open space and natural lighting made it a comfy working atmosphere. When standing on the balcony of the office, I had views of the levee and the Mississippi River, which is one of my favorite views in the city. I sat at my desk and saw a little handwritten sign that read, “Howdy Isa!” waiting for me. Next to it was a TILT t-shirt, sticker, and a brand-new notebook.

Week 1 – Cue the Information Overload

My supervisor and TILT's social media department head, Maddie, started me off by introducing me to the programs I would be using. I learned about Sprout Social, a social media management tool that helps businesses manage their social media presence. Using Sprout, I created and scheduled posts for social media, and saw first-hand how audiences engaged with the content we created. I quickly got into the swing of things and wrote captions constantly. I was also tasked with researching medical issues and writing blogs for an urgent care center’s website. This was challenging to say the least. I wrote about topics such as lower back pain, sinusitis, athlete's foot, and sprains/breaks – which I had very little prior knowledge about.

How I Discovered My Fit at TILT

My favorite days are photo shoot days. I grew up taking photos with my Dad, and photography continues to be one of my passions. Working with TILT’s photographers is always a cool experience. I get to assist in the art direction process and occasionally show off my hand modeling skills.

(Proof below)

CC's sandwich

As a design student, I wanted to create. TILT saw where my passions were, and let me utilize my creative skills and eagerness to learn. I spent the semester designing graphics, editing videos, and occasionally picking up a camera. For each blog article I wrote, I was tasked with designing a graphic to accompany it. If there was ever an empty spot in the social content calendar, I’d offer to create something to fill the gap.

(E.g. graduation day for college students):

Patient Plus social graduation graphic

This allowed me to sharpen my skills with Adobe programs like Photoshop, Illustrator and Premiere Pro. I also spent time learning how to use Adobe After Effects.

Not Your Average Intern Experience

As an intern, I thought that I would just be there to learn. But they actually encourage me to share my ideas! I’ve been given the opportunity to provide work for real clients and contribute to the team as a whole. No coffee runs or "busy work" for me.

Throughout my time as intern, I’ve learned about the balance between work and play. These guys know how to keep the work atmosphere fun. Everyone at the office is always cracking jokes and they’re all very comfortable working together. This ability to work as a team and form trusting relationships with clients makes TILT the successful company that it is.

Every time I see a billboard or product that my coworkers designed, I feel a sense of pride because I work for the company that does it all. Being surrounded by these crazy and creative minds, I feel like I’ve won the internship jackpot. This internship further confirmed my decision to work in the advertising field, and I’m so thankful that I had the opportunity to intern at a company like TILT. And they haven’t gotten rid of me yet!

Thanks for being a great audience, I’ll be here all year. 👋