CC's Coffee House

A rich, bold experience at every consumer touchpoint.

  • Concept Development
  • Identity Design
  • Packaging
  • Environmental Design
  • Signage
  • Social Media
  • Copywriting

Coffee's On.

With its direct lineage to legendary the Community Coffee Company, CC’s Coffee House is a coveted brand around these parts. TILT has been privileged to partner with the CC’s team since 2014, a relationship that’s tapped just about every service we offer, from web and mobile development to packaging, illustration and video. Over the course of probably thousands of refilled CC’s mugs, we’ve helped the retailer grow both its physical presence and bottom line.


In the heavily seasonal retail coffee business, new and limited-time offerings matter a lot. From recurring favorites like the Pumpkin Pie Latté to new product launches for the Espresso No. 22 and more, we create 4-6 complete CC’s seasonal campaigns in any given year. Our work can be seen and heard all around, with a media mix that includes in-store promotion, branded merchandise, web and social media, loyalty program emails, billboards and radio advertising.


CC’s is about more than just a sit-down or drive-thru experience. Its expertly sourced coffees and Specialty Tea Selections™ are meant to be enjoyed wherever guests like — and that requires distinctive packaging for brand-forward shelf appeal, which we’re more than happy to create.


CC's wanted a new social media presence that would incorporate authentic photography of their products, baristas and guests. By testing different types of content in the beginning, we were able to conclude that puppies and people are the real social media VIPs when it comes to engagement. CC's online engagement increased by 81% just in the first 90 days after TILT took over. Since then, we've curated content that is colorful and speaks to an audience of youthful, charismatic coffee drinkers. By coordinating Instagram influencers and running targeted ads, TILT has been able to broadcast CC's refreshed online presence to new groups of people and potential customers.

TILT was able to dive into the brain of a CC's guest by responding to daily social media messages and comments — which led to creating happy hour promotions, social media contests, grand opening event publicity, and barista spotlights.

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